Wide Range of Services and Solutions

We utilize our in-house capabilities, as well as a network of highly qualified partners, to be a leading provider of rapid  prototyping and rapid production solutions. These resources allow us to handle projects of any size and complexity, including those requiring management of multiple processes and secondary operations. Following is a list of processes we commonly employ:

 SLS® (Selective Laser Sintering) 
• SLA® (Stereolithography)
• CNC Machining
• RTV Tooling/Urethane Casting
• Metal Casting
• 3D Printing
• Rapid Tooling/Production
• Post-Processing & Finishing
• Metal Coating
• CAD Modeling 
Categories of Products

With cutting-edge technology and a wide variety of engineering-grade materials we are able to meet a diverse array of needs. Some of the more common applications we serve are listed below.
1. Functional Prototypes- Durable plastic and metal parts and assemblies used for design and engineering purposes, including fit-check and functional testing.

2. Presentation Models- Static and interactive models used to convey conceptual design and marketability that can be finished for show-quality presentation.

3. Casting Patterns- 3D solid models used to create impressions and cavities in temporary tooling to secondarily cast or mold plastic or metal parts.
3. Production Parts- Production of end-use plastic and metal components and assemblies directly from a rapid prototyping machine.

5. Rapid Tooling- Creating limited-run tooling directly or indirectly from a rapid prototyping machine and subsequently molding or casting end-use components and assemblies.


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