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Alextron Technologies, LLC

From concept to reality... We help get you there...

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Why Alextron Technologies?

Technical capability

- 30 plus years working within the manufacturing and machining industry. 
- Strong background working with mechanical, electrical, industrial and plant engineers creates in-depth expertise. 
- We are not a generic drafting firm... we are an engineering and designers support partner.

Rapid Turnaround

- We can get started today.
- Lead-time as little as 12 hours.
- We can work evenings and weekends as needed to complete your project on time and within any milestone dates you may have.


- Affordable prices.
- Approximately 40% cost savings.

English speaking designers

- Effective engagement during collaborative design work
- No communication barriers or misunderstandings
- Direct communication with designers doing the work

Intellectual property protection

- Signed confidentiality and disclosures papers at clients request
- Effective internal control processes
- Information shared internally only on as needed basis

From concept to reality... We help get you there...

Best Regards,
Eddie Alexander
Owner - Designer
Alextron Technologies, LLC

Call us at - 601-669-2477

Examples of 3D Model Representation

Click or Mouse over to read about them.

Piston Section

This is the piston model before section.

We can do many different renderings of your product, both to help you visualize your product and to create a very close representation of what your product should look like once its manufactured.


This is a section view of the piston model.

We can make different views and sections of your model to help you and your clients understand what your product is, and how it works.



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