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Alextron Technologies, LLC

From concept to reality... We help get you there...

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Our Services

- 2D and 3D Drafting and Design Service
- 3D Modeling Service
- 3D Printing Service
- Product Design Service
- Tool and Die Design
- Machine Design
- Prototype drawings
- Presentations and movies of your project
- Line Drawings for Patent Attorney
- Conversion from paper to CAD
- As-Built Projects
- Architectural Drawings
- Electrical Drawings and schematics
- Hydraulic, pneumatic and other fluid schematics including 3D piping.

Also any other 2D and 3D drawings you might need to complete your project.

We can do many different colors, textures and effects of your 3D model to give you a real life like rendering of your product before you spend unnecessary funds on your project...

See our gallery page of 3D renderings.

And once the 3D model is completed we will move forward with the 2D drawings if needed, which we generate from the model... here again we can produce a wide variety of 2D drawings with dimensions, tolerances, surface controls and bill of materials etc. Also we can do the dimensions in standard inches or metric or a combination of both, a lot of our clients need this due to offshore manufacturing and production.

From the 3D models we create all parts for the product then create the assembly. After the assembly is completed we can do a presentation movie of how your product goes together or disassembles and various other animations showing your product in motion, if your project has any moving parts.
We will help you produce and or design tooling media (3D models and 2D CAD drawings etc.) to get your ideas into production ASAP!


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